Embracing Value-Based Pricing for Biotech AI SaaS

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AI: Embracing Value-Based Pricing for Biotech AI SaaS

As a leading software development firm based in the Netherlands, specializing in custom SAAS platforms, we are thrilled to introduce Unchained Bio, one of our latest customers, on a mission to revolutionize the biotech industry. Unchained Bio is an innovative SAAS startup project that leverages AlphaFold AI to streamline protein patent analysis and protein folding analysis. Developing such a platform comes with its share of challenges, from ensuring reliability and project management to addressing legal and security concerns. However, a crucial aspect that can make or break its success is the establishment of a sustainable revenue model that aligns with our customer's vision and adds value to their users. Today, we'll explore how we advised Unchained Bio in choosing the perfect pricing strategy for their SAAS platform.

The Freemium Model: A Gateway to Unchained Bio's Potential

Freemium is a popular model for SaaS applications and with good reason. Freemium lowers the threshold to try out a service significantly and once your users have integrated your service into their regular workflow, they are more willing to pay extra if they need it. To provide users with a glimpse of Unchained Bio's power, we suggested offering a limited freemium model. This approach allows primary users, such as researchers and bench chemists, to explore the platform's intuitive interface, advanced algorithms, and user-friendly features firsthand. By showcasing its capabilities, Unchained Bio can fuel enthusiasm among primary users, empowering them to advocate for the platform's adoption to decision-makers. However, the Limited Freemium has a hard limit: any serious users are expected to advance to a subscription-tier account: no micro-payments and incremental enticements typical of many freemium models.

Paid Accounts: Balancing Affordability, Value, and Security

The next tier is a paid subscription with a significant monthly upfront cost. When Unchained Bio explained us their business case and target audience our advice was to create a clear separation between the first (trial) tier and the next (professional) tier. The professional tier caters to researchers and professionals who are willing to invest in tools that enhance productivity and save valuable time. With the paid account, users gain access to a dedicated workspace where they can efficiently analyze and model proteins. This tier provides a comprehensive yet affordable solution while prioritizing the security of sensitive biotech data. Biotech research is not for individuals and requires a serious commitment, and your pricing model should echo this sentiment: the pricing should convey that you are taking their requirements serious as well. They should feel they are getting a robust, security-conscious service and their SaaS is not trying to cut corners when it reliability security and quality. Pricing tier models should always take into consideration your brand image, your pricing tiers also send your customers a message about the the kind of brand you have and how serious of a player you are. Unchained Bio is a serious player and we believe the pricing of the second tier should reflect that.

Enterprise Accounts: Tailored Solutions for Biotech Giants

The third tier also recognized the diverse needs of major players in the biotech industry, we recommended Unchained Bio to add an enterprise tier to the account selection. These are top-tier packages with exclusive perks, customizable options, personalized support, and, of course, enhanced security and privacy options. For major players, adherence to internal policies and the ability to match the SaaS operation to their existing workflows are often just as important as ease of use and enhances the value of the offered services significantly. Such organizations are usually willing to pay a premium to have the SaaS match some of their requirements rather than having to change their procedures. Decision-makers and industry giants will value the tailored solutions Unchained Bio offers, empowering them to drive innovation, streamline protein analysis workflows, and unlock new opportunities for growth and research excellence.

In Conclusion

Our revenue model advice for Unchained Bio centers around value-based pricing, a strategy that perfectly aligns platform offerings with the value it delivers to customers. Value-based pricing is different from cost-based pricing in that it looks at the value offered by the service rather than the costs incurred by performing the service. SaaS service costs are often intransparant by their nature and require a significant up-front investment while a value-based price is easy to understand by the SaaS users: it they can cut their operating costs by 50%, it doesn't really matter what the margin is for the service they are using.

Additionally, by adopting a three-tier subscription model, a SAAS platform like Unchained Bio can ensure a clear and easy-to-understand distinction between account levels. The limited freemium model acts as a gateway to demonstrate the platform's potential to primary users, while the paid accounts offer a balance between affordability and value for researchers seeking a comprehensive AI Folding solution. Furthermore, the enterprise accounts cater to the unique needs of industry giants, providing tailored solutions and personalized support.

As we continue to collaborate with Unchained Bio on their exciting journey, we are confident that these wise tips will lay a strong foundation for their revenue model. By embracing value-based pricing, Unchained Bio underlines its commitment to saving researchers valuable time and effort, ultimately positioning itself as an indispensable tool in the biotech arsenal. We look forward to empowering researchers, simplifying protein analysis, and making a lasting impact on the biotech industry. Together, let's unchain the potential of biotech innovation!

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